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Help make the 20th annual Excellence Awards the best year yet!

Have you wanted to volunteer for MMPA, but weren’t sure how to best use your skills? Do you find yourself with limited time but a desire to contribute? The MMPA is looking for publishing professionals like you to judge our annual Excellence Awards submissions. Judging the Excellence Awards is one of the easiest ways to help out the MMPA all year. Simply sign up and we’ll send you all the…

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FinePrint May 12, 2016

Get creative with what you have

By Allison Roe

Give the reader what they want when they want it. I heard this over and over again at the 2016 MMPA Summit’s design track. But doing this can be a struggle, especially in the face of budgets, time constrictions, and the limits of print design. Thankfully, there are ways to “get creative with the assets you have,” noted Darhil Crooks, creative…

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FinePrint May 12, 2016

Inspiration and innovation: the 2016 MMPA Summit

At the MMPA 2016 Summit & Expo on April 21, attendees learned about everything from search-engine optimization to creative cover design. There was something for everyone in this year’s theme, “Media Innovation at Work,” with sessions on legal issues for writers and designers, InDesign tips and tricks, generating revenue using digital media, and…

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FinePrint May 12, 2016

Lisa Marek chosen as Excellence Awards design contest winner

In her first year entering the MMPA Excellence Awards design contest, small-business owner Lisa Marek was chosen the winner. Marek’s brightly colored design plays with the green, red, and black of the MMPA logo and emphasizes the awards’ 20th anniversary. “I saw that it was 20 years, so that’s a big deal. I definitely wanted to push that. You…

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FinePrint May 12, 2016

Relevancy: the path to greater engagement

By Rebecca Sterner

After keynote speaker Darhil Crooks’ call to publishers to take control of their product by being unique, engagement track speakers reinforced that message. None of the speakers held up other companies as something to emulate. Rather, they inspired attendees to look to their own brands for ways to be unique and true to themselves and their…

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