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Sponsor Spotlight: The Magazine Manager

The Magazine Manager of Mirabel Technologies is a global leader in publishing CRM solutions. The company was founded in 2003 by Mark McCormick, a regional publisher who drew from his experience launching over a dozen successful magazines with a vision to help other publishers succeed. This led to the inception of The Magazine Manager, the first web-based publishing CRM. Now serving more than 15,000 media properties worldwide, this flexible web-based software app is designed to drastically reduce overhead costs and manpower hours by connecting sales, marketing, ad order entry, production and billing into one integrated software package.

How it Works

As the only publishing CRM with integrated marketing features, The Magazine Manager gives you the guidance you need from every click until closing. From prospecting tools to opportunity management, the company’s robust CRM dramatically improves the new business process while saving valuable resources throughout production and billing.

Why The Magazine Manager Supports MMPA

The Magazine Manager has been proudly supporting MMPA for more than a decade and has been a gold sponsor for the last three years. As an independently owned software company, whose owners continue to publish 13 publications throughout South Florida, the company is committed to helping other publishers succeed. By supporting MMPA year after year, this has empowered the Magazine Manager to build a better product that actively addresses the needs of Minnesota-based clients.

Key Offerings for Minnesota Publishers

Specifically designed to fuel publishing profits, The Magazine Manager gives publishers the deep vision needed to achieve growth amidst an increasingly competitive media environment. While most CRMs track activities in the past, The Magazine Manager moves your publishing business forward.

Some of the many features you can expect include marketing automation, ad order entry, multimedia contract management, lead generation, invoicing, batch payment processing, pagination, e-signatures, digital and mobile edition creation, and more. The company also offers 68 standard reports and endless customization options.

What’s New?

Unlike other publishing CRMs, The Magazine Manager’s inclusion of lead generation and marketing automation features equip publishers to launch a new marketing services division. However, even if publishers are not pursuing this as a new revenue stream, our integrated marketing metrics can help sales reps prove ROI to advertisers.

The company’s 2017 release has seen arguably its biggest software upgrade in company history. The new dashboard interface may be the most noticeable improvement, but the deep functionality added below the surface is far more dramatic. From integrated sales and marketing “audits trails” of prospect activity to client batch billing and production capabilities, the recent release schedule has been rapid and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, over the last three months alone, the company launched an iOS app, a customer facing payment portal, and an e-signature suite. If you haven’t seen what’s new and different, now is a great time to ask us for a demo.

Local Contact

Brad Lojewski is the Account Executive managing the Midwest territory. He can be reached at (954) 332-3203 and