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STRIB “News Huddle” & Network at Dan Kelly’s!

March 13, 2019


Join MMPA for drinks at the Star Tribune’s favorite watering hole – Dan Kelly’s Pub at 5:00pm Wednesday, March 13. 

And for the first 12 who are interested, sign-up to get a “behind the curtain” look at the Star Tribune “news huddle” - the planning session for Thursday’s Page 1 and story pitches for the weekend edition.

dan kelly's.png

MMPA Board Member and Star Tribune Magazine editorial director Sue Campbell has arranged to host 12 MMPA members and provide amazing access to the workings behind the area’s leading newspaper.
Only 12 MMPA members can attend “the huddle,” so sign up now and get a newsroom tour to boot. 

All MMPA members and friends – please join our
happy hour after party at Dan Kelly’s Pub. Star Tribune editors will join us and share their experiences from the newsroom.  

No limit on Dan Kelly attendees and guaranteed fun!
A small cover charge of $10 to support MMPA will also get you two beers. 

RSVP here so we can get an estimate for Dan Kelly attendees and please indicate if you wish to join the Star Tribune "news huddle" at 3:00pm.
News Huddle attendees - Arrive at 3:00pm (no later than 3:10pm) Meet at the Capella Tower skyway level guard desk. No charge.