Excellence Awards Entry Information

Your company must use the new digital entry system to submit all entries (note: some categories require physical copies).  The Call for Entries site will be open on Thursday, May 17, 2018.  Please review the entry information below and start gathering your materials together now.

IMPORTANT: Before entering, be sure you have all necessary materials at hand; see individual entries for materials that are required.

  • All entries must have a cover date between July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

  • Please read each category description carefully; it will tell you what materials to submit.

  • Every entry requires a representative PDF image and one JPG of the entry that may be used in the PowerPoint presentation at the gala. For example, depending on the entry, this might show a magazine cover, an inside page or spread, or a screenshot.

  • In addition, many entries require a PDF of the entry materials — for example, a complete feature article. See individual categories for information. These will be used by the judges to evaluate your entries. These should generally have an 8.5" x 11" format.

  • Some entries require physical copies to be mailed to the MMPA office. The categories requiring physical copies are: OVERALL EXCELLENCE, DIRECTORY, and SINGLE-TOPIC ISSUE, SPECIAL SECTION OR SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT.

  • Every entry requires a brief editorial profile describing the publication’s editorial goals or mission as well as its audience. The judges rely on accurate descriptions to evaluate how well entries meet the publication’s goals.

  • Every entry also needs identifying information, such as complete article titles and issue/publication dates.

    • Early bird entry fees (May 17-June 15): $65 per entry for MMPA members and $130 per entry for non-members.

    • Regular rate fees (June 16 to June 29): $75 per entry for MMPA members and $140 per entry for nonmembers.

To complete your entry process, you'll need to submit immediate payment by credit card or you can request to have an invoice generated if you prefer to pay by check. Please contact the MMPA office (office@mmpa.net) for any questions regarding payment or invoices at 952-564-3052.

NOTE: MMPA reserves the right to change an entry’s category, disqualify any inappropriate or incorrectly submitted entry and eliminate categories as deemed necessary. Entry fees for disqualified entries will not be refunded. MMPA also reserves the right not to award a prize in every category. Publications that won at least one MMPA award will be notified by October 8, 2018 (although they won’t be told if they’ve won Gold, Silver or Bronze).  A $50 administrative fee will be applied to any refunds processed.

Entry Checklist


► A copy of each entry to provide you with the exact publication title, article title, issue/publication date, and other information to include in the entry form.

► A representative PDF and JPEG for each of your entries. This image may be used in the PowerPoint presentation at the awards gala.

► All PDFs and JPEGs required by your entry categories.  These should generally follow an 8.5" x 11” format.

► An editorial profile for each publication that has an entry. This must include a brief description of the publication's editorial goals or mission as well as a brief demographic profile of the publication's readership.

► Your company's payment information. If you’re using a credit card, you’ll need the card owner name, account number, expiration date, and security code. Entry fees are:

Early Bird (May 17 - June 15)
Members:  $65/entry submission
Non-Members:  $130/entry submission

Regular Rates (June 16 - June 29)
Members:  $75/entry submission
Non-Members:  $140/entry submission

The submission program will provide you with the total amount due.  If you're submitting entries that require physical materials:

  • Prepare a separate envelope for each entry.

  • Clearly label each envelope with the entry category and the entry number generated when you complete the online entry process.

  • Physical copies being sent to the MMPA office will have a label generated from the digital entry system. Print this label off and adhere to the envelope for that entry.

  • Put all envelopes into one package and mail to:

5353 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 350
Minneapolis, MN 55416

All physical materials must be postmarked by (date TBD).

Entries must be submitted by (date TBD).

Questions? Contact the MMPA office at (952) 564-3052  or office@mmpa.net

Judging the Excellence Awards

Judges are carefully selected based on their expertise in the areas of editorial, design, marketing, circulation and overall publication excellence as well as their ability to judge the submissions fairly. All decisions of the judges are final. Non-members may apply to be judges.