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Sponsor Spotlight: Knowledge Marketing

Knowledge Marketing’s president and co-founder, Joe Benson, offers a look at how the company can boost marketing efforts, drive content engagement, and turn data into dollars

Please provide a quick snapshot of your company. What does Knowledge Marketing do?

Knowledge Marketing is a technology and services company that leverages our integrated Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform to drive marketing ROI through customer intelligence and marketing communication efficiencies. We help clients reimagine their business by turning their data into functional insights to drive marketing, content, and sales with our integrated systems.

How long have you been involved in MMPA and why do you feel that involvement is important?

We have been a part of the MMPA community for years and have always felt it’s one of our strongest relationships. We have a lot of hometown pride and it’s important for us to be involved in the publishing community on a local level. We’ve loved helping grow the businesses of our MN-based clients and want to stay a part of the conversation as publishing continues to evolve. 

What do you feel is the main value your company can offer to the Minnesota publishing community?

We offer a variety of tools, from data to digital to audience management, but our team is what sets us apart. When you work with us, you’re working with a team of people that share a passion for helping our clients see things differently. We go the extra mile and don’t stop until our clients are happy and successful. That’s the main difference with us. You’ll get to know us (no taking a number around here) and you’ll always have someone on the KM team ready to help you tackle your next project.

What new approach or technology does your company offer that is an asset to the publishing community? What sets you apart?

This has been a big year for us. We’ve introduced new products that fully integrate with our existing platform. Our Data Compare and Marketing Automation technologies help our clients monetize their data in new ways and target their audience more effectively. We have a Client Advisory Board that we meet with throughout the year. We discuss the direction of the company, our current products, and industry trends. We take their feedback very seriously; these conversations influence our roadmap and help us to develop products that will most benefit the publishing community.

Is there anything new or upcoming you want MMPA members to know about?

Our fourth-annual user conference, kmConnect is scheduled for June 4–6, 2018, in Minneapolis. It’s been a big success and a lot of fun the past 3 years, so we hope to see all of our clients there again this year.

Who is the local rep and what is their contact information?

Bret McEnelly:, 612.414.5908