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Tablet Entanglement

by Craig Gustafson and Kurt Beckmann

Tablet design continues to mature and local expert Keith Gilbert of Gilbert Consulting stays on the cutting edge. At the 2013 MMPA Summit & Expo, he offered up-to the minute ideas for keeping readers engaged through design.

  • Designers should get an iPad. Then, subscribe to and get familiar with many digital apps and magazines.
  • Digital replicas of magazines have inherent problems: They don’t use horizontal layout well, the body text becomes too small, and video and audio limitations arise.
  • When crossing content over to tablets, it pays to rethink everything. Creative interactive content presentation keeps readers engaged in your publication.
  • Horizontal orientation reigns in apps 80 percent of the time. It easily transitions to full-screen video and landscape photos (most common orientation), while dula orientation is lots more work and consumes twice the file size (think download time and limited device memory).
  • Take advantage of Adobe’s Multi-State Objects (MSO) to simplify design and save time.