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Summit & Expo

Apr 26, 2012

Evolve, Profit & Thrive


April 26th, 2012


Earle Brown Heritage Center
6155 Earle Brown Dr
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430-2138

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Member - $250
Nonmember - $350
Student - $50
Group of 5 - $875
Group of 6 - $1050
Group of 7 - $1225
Group of 8 - $1400
Group of 9 - $1575
Group of 10 - $1750

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Hotel Information

Folks who are coming from distance can stay at a hotel close by:

Crown Plaza Hotel Minneapolis North
2200 Freeway Blvd
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Country Inn & Suites
2550 Freeway Blvd
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

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Editorial Track

5 Survival Secrets for Every Editor

Trevor Meers, Executive Editor, Midwest Living

In a candid discussion drawn from the front lines of today’s publishing world, Trevor Meers, executive editor at Meredith Corp.’s Midwest Living, shares key tactics for editors trying to stay marketable in an ever-shifting industry—and simply keep up with constantly changing duties. His straight-talk insights show that the everyday goals for editors are remarkably universal, whether they’re working for a major publishing company or a start-up title and whether their content goes out on paper or on a screen.

Trevor Meers is executive editor of Meredith’s Midwest Living, a 950,000-circulation bi-monthly lifestyle magazine. In 2010, the Society of American Travel writers recognized Midwest Living as having the best travel content in a general-interest magazine, and Meers’ feature writing has earned national awards. He previously was editor of Remodeling Ideas, a special interest publication of Better Homes & Gardens, and editor and columnist at Smart Computing magazine. Meers is currently pursuing an MBA at Drake University, serves on the board of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Iowa and leads a ministry focused on rebuilding churches and serving orphanages in Haiti. He lives with his wife and two daughters near Des Moines

Jewels in the Content Crown: Protecting and Managing Your Most Valuable Assets

Ken Abdo, VP, Lommen Abdo

Every day, editors and writers are creating and distributing content for publishing companies, clients, and themselves at warp speed, often without thought to copyright, distribution, and other critical issues. Ken Abdo, a top entertainment and intellectual property attorney in Minneapolis, L.A., and New York, provides critical insights on managing and protecting your most valuable assets.

Creating Content That Sticks. Engaging Audience with The Best Package Possible

Panel Discussion

 Joint Session with Design and Editorial

Infographics, charticles, and sidebars. How do writers and editors tighten word counts while protecting the story telling, maintaining voice, and providing take-aways for the reader? Jayne Haugen Olson, editor-in-chief of Delta Sky magazine leads a lively panel discussion that looks at the chicken and egg debate of editors and art directors working together to package content.

Brand Journalism in the Age of Self-Publishing

Sara Meaney, Partner, President of Strategy and Growth, Hanson Dodge Creative

Self-publishing isn’t a new concept, and in the surge of digital and social media marketing, brands have an unprecedented level of access to their target audiences through online channels. Companies are churning out a deluge of branded content to feed their online communities’ seemingly endless appetites, but are they sacrificing quality for quantity and doing damage to their brands in the process?

In this presentation, Sara will share secondary research and case studies that demonstrate the increasing need for brands to take their role as content creators very seriously in terms of both the enormity of the upside potential and the scale of the destruction if handled poorly. Attendees will walk away with tangible examples of successful Brand Journalism, along with a renewed appreciation for the complexity of their roles as content creators, content consumers and/or digital marketers.

Takeaways will include:

  • The hallmarks of great Brand Journalism
  • Bias vs. objectivity in storytelling
  • Best practices for making your content memorable

Sara Meaney is President, Strategy & Growth for Hanson Dodge Creative, America’s leading active lifestyle agency. She is responsible for the agency’s strategy and business development with oversight of agency growth and client services. To make an impact on the agency and her clients’ business in an increasingly digital world, Sara draws upon her more than 16 years of marketing and communications experience in advising global brands. Her underlying passion for analytics and measurable outcomes helps to define her role as a results-oriented digital thinker. Her passion for the active lifestyle and outdoor pursuits has taken her to five continents. When she isn’t advancing HDC, Sara is a sought-after keynote speaker and sits on the Board of Directors of the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum as well as the Development Committee for Milwaukee Film. Sara has been recognized in the Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 class of 2010 and was named one of Milwaukee’s Fittest Execs by BizTimes Milwaukee Magazine in 2011.

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Leslie Laredo, President, LaredoGroup

 Ad Sales Reality Check

Recognizing the differences and unique attributes of digital media is key to sales success. Some buyers have unrealistic expectations for digital programs and some have no idea how to maximize their investments.  Many times the anticipated outcomes of campaigns are not achieved because essential components and considerations of the campaign are overlooked, not deemed important, poorly executed or not mastered.  Sellers have to make sure that all factors that impact campaign delivery and performance are discussed as part of the sales process and ongoing client relationship.  Digital campaigns require that both sellers and buyers realize and exploit the value of rich creative, placement, real-time optimization, and data driven media decisions.  This session is going to highlight the key topics, elements and concepts that are inherent to successful digital campaigns.

The Digital Ecosystem and Integrated Media Opportunities

Consumers are quickly shifting their media consumption and shopping preferences to the new mobile platforms and connected devices. They are interacting with their social graph for insights and recommendations which impact the entire purchase funnel from awareness to loyalty.  Media sellers must change their perspective of how they position and sell their audiences based on the ubiquity of connectivity and diversity of media channels.  Each media channel and platform has unique attributes that enhance the journey through the purchase decision funnel.  Combine these elements with the power of the social graph, and there is a whole new set of expectations for buyers to evaluate their media.  This session will focus on the elements of the media ecosystem (display, social, search, mobile) and how to sell a holistic perspective of different media platforms (online and offline) as the framework for an integrated media proposal.

Selling to Agencies Versus Marketers

A key part of the media sellers’ account planning process revolves around finding the right person at the marketer and/or agency to call on...whether to gather insights, present, or gain buy-in for proposals. The convoluted and rapidly changing world of multiple marketing disciplines and agencies, now means that the account planning process requires understanding the roles and relationships of the key players in creating and implementing advertising campaigns. With the turmoil and difficulty in getting to the appropriate media influencers, sellers need to consider if, when and how they should either go around the agency contacts and/or otherwise partner directly with the marketer. This session will help media sellers identify and understand the roles and decision influences at both the agency and marketer.

Mastering Campaign Performance

More than ever, media selling moves quickly from discussions of what you have to sell to discussions on performance.  Buyers have specific audience data, targeting criteria and campaign evaluation benchmarks.  Understanding what and how campaign data is created, used and evaluated is crucial to an effective discussion on measurement.  Knowing where data comes from, being fluent in the metrics and measurement of digital media, defining appropriate metrics for different client objectives and identifying which variables such as creative, placement and targeting will impact your client’s results are essential in today’s selling environment.  This session will help those who get queasy and uncomfortable discussing campaign metrics ready to talk about campaign performance as part of their account development activity.

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Audience Development Track

Circulation/Audience Development Best Practices 

Aileen Hough, CSC Publishing  & Liz Bredeson, Meredith

Whether you work on consumer, B-2-B or association publications, the way you manage your circulation and develop your audience has changed a great deal, in a short period of time.   The old ways of doing business may no longer be the best ways.

From planning and executing marketing campaign to managing renewal and billing efforts, Aileen and Liz will step through current “Best Practices”.  So whether you mail, fax, email, use web efforts; they will review updated practices, new regulatory changes, audit bureau guidelines and general Circulation Code of Practices. Since they will cover a variety of magazine types, content will include newsstand practices, subscription agencies and best fulfillment practices too.

Aileen Hough and Liz Bredeson will team again to talk about CADs Best Practices.  For those of you that attended their last Summit session CAD Tips and Tricks, you know it will be a information-packed session with lots of ideas. This is a “don’t miss” session for those involved in audience development and management.

Social Media Part Deux: Influence and Advocat

Andrew Eklund, Ciceron

eMarketer estimated that over $3.08 billion would be spent on advertising on social networking sites in 2011. As more and more of company’s budgets are placed in the social media bucket, brands will continue to seek out & develop marketing strategies that will (pardon the expression) give them the most bang for their buck.

One of those cost-effective strategies? Tapping into the influencers, advocates and influential advocates that are leaders in social spaces.

Andrew Eklund will talk with us about strategies and execution that will help you get the most out of your social media investments.

Since 1995, Ciceron has been a full-service digital marketing firm focused on strategy and performance. We foster social communities and build creative and engaging online experiences. We help you engage and build your business through social media, email marketing, SEO and paid-search marketing. In the end, we track performance and drive dollars to your bottom line.

Driving More Traffic to Your Website

Rebecca Sterner, Rebecca Sterner Publishing Consultants
Joe Hendershot,  President, B2B Inc.
Keely Vazquez, Managing Partner, TriMax Direct

What Audience Developers (and all publishing professionals!) Need to Know:

If you’ve never looked beyond page two of a Google search result, you know why it’s so important to have a website that search engines rank high.  Learn the basic characteristics every website should have to gain a better rating from Google.

  • Why publishing teams need to work together on a search term strategy
  • How to find the most productive search terms
  • The value of blogs, video, backlinks and more
  • Simple things you can do right now to improve your search results
  • When to call in the experts
  • Understanding where web traffic comes from

Come away from this session knowing how Search Engine Optimization works, with  real-life examples on how other organizations have used SEO to boost organic search results and improve site ranking.

Rebecca Sterner is a publishing consultant to the magazine industry, specializing in circulation and publishing management and she will facilitate this session.

Joe Hendershot is president of B2B Inc., a St. Paul-based business-to-business marketing and communications agency specializing in website development, search engine optimization and a wide range of branding and marketing strategies and tactics.  Joe has extensive experience in sales and marketing management as well as in publicity, advertising, e-based marketing and analytics.

Branding Across Multiple Platforms: A Panel Discussion


Hervey Evans, Erasmus Inc. Publishing Consultants


Consumer:  Jim L'Heureaux, Director of Catalogue Marketing at American Girl
B2B: Jay DeWitt, President of 10 Missions Media, LLC ( FenderBender and Ratchet+Wrench)
Vendor: Patrick Weas, President at W Brand Development

Making the change from print-driven publishing companies to branded media organizations is a part of recent history for some companies, even as it is an aspiration for others.  The transition is not an easy one and it affects all aspects of the business and all aspects of our daily work.

How do you effectively extend your brand across multiple platforms in a way that grows your brand and results in increased revenue? And how do you navigate all the new technology opportunities that come your way while maintaining some focus in your message and your connection with customers?

Here are leaders from three organizations (one consumer, one B2B, and a vendor) who have and are navigating this transition, and continue to do so.

Hervey Evans:  Erasmus Inc, Publishing Consultants

Hervey Evans is president of Erasmus, Inc, Publishing Consultants. For the past fifteen years, he has worked with individuals and businesses starting magazines and with established magazines that want to grow and become more profitable. Services include business planning, strategic circulation planning, and outsourced circulation management.

Patrick Weas:  W Brand Development

Over the past 25 years, Patrick Weas has held management positions within nationally recognized advertising agencies as an Account Director, General Manager and Partner at Carmichael Lynch Advertising, Vice President at Campbell-Mithun Advertising and recently as Founding Partner of The Thorburn Group and W Brand Development.  His brand leadership for clients has produced 6 EFFIE Awards, 2 Stephen Kelly Awards, a Gold International ECHO Award, 3 CEBA Awards, and numerous local and regional communications excellence awards.

Jay DeWitt:  10 Missions Media, LLC

Jay DeWitt is an entrepreneur who has been in the publishing industry since 1999 when he launched his first publication on a shoestring budget. He has acquired, grown and divested properties in both the B2C and B2B markets and takes a very hands-on approach to all aspects of his media business. His company, 10 Missions Media, is currently bringing a new 100,000 circulation B2B media brand to market.

James L'Heureux:  Director of Catalogue Marketing at American Girl

Jim L'Heureux has worked in the direct-to-consumer industry over the past 30 years, selling general merchandise, books, collectibles, magazines and toys through a variety of channels.  Most recently at American Girl, he directs the marketing for the catalog and award winning magazine in coordination with the various web and retail channels.

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Design Track

Keith Gilbert , Gilbert Consulting

Best practices for iPad Publication Design

App design is different than print design. Designing for tablet screens presents a whole new array design challenges and benefits. In this seminar you will learn some of the things that work well on a tablet, and what doesn't work so well. You will learn:

* How to take advantage of the dual orientation of the tablet
* How to specify effective Page Order. Should navigation be horizontal, vertical, or both?
* How to specify a readable typeface and size...time to relearn the rules
* Effective table of contents strategies
* Rich media: How much is too much?
* Interaction: How to engage your reader and make your publication "sticky"
* Choosing the proper file formats, color space, and resolution for images
* Effective use of blacks, tints, and reverse type
* How to deal with the clipped color gamut of the iPad
* How to build in navigation cues and give your reader a sense of where they are in your publication

Adding interactivity and media to Adobe DPS publication

One big advantage of using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create a tablet app is the opportunity to include interactive elements and rich media. Inclusion of quality interaction and rich media can engage the reader and make them spend more time with your publication. Learn how to use InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to:

* How to add interactive buttons
* How to add "multi-state objects" that can be controlled by buttons
* Creative use of buttons and multi-state objects for advanced interactivity
* 3 ways to include animation
* How to optimize video and audio for tablets
* How to add audio and video playback icons and "chrome"

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a tool that allows designers to create engaging Web sites without writing any code. It has been called "InDesign for the Web". If you know InDesign, you can learn this tool and begin creating start-to-finish Web sites in short order. In this seminar, Keith will demonstrate how to build a Web site from scratch using Adobe Muse.

Keith Gilbert has worked as an independent consultant and educator in the design industry for 26 years for clients such as Apple, Adobe, Best Buy, General Mills, Lands’ End, Medtronic, Target and the United Nations. His work has taken him throughout the US and Canada, as well as to Barbados, Kenya, Nigeria and Monaco. He is an Adobe Certified Instructor, the Chapter Representative for the Minneapolis InDesign User Group, and a contributing writer to various publications. You can read his Tips & Techniques Blog at

Creating Content That Sticks. Engaging Audience with The Best Package Possible

Panel Discussion

 Joint Session with Design and Editorial

Infographics, charticles, and sidebars. How do writers and editors tighten word counts while protecting the story telling, maintaining voice, and providing take-aways for the reader? Jayne Haugen Olson, editor-in-chief of Delta Sky magazine leads a lively panel discussion that looks at the chicken and egg debate of editors and art directors working together to package content.

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Keynote Speaker

Adapt or Die in a New Media World (and every other world, for that matter), Featuring Keynote Speaker Rick Kupchella.

In this ever-changing media environment it’s crucial for marketers to stay ahead of the curve. Rick Kupchella brings his 20+ years of journalism, broadcast, and media experience to shed new light on the opportunities that exist for both publishers and corporations.

Rick will offer insight not only on traditional media and how to adapt within this world, but also illustrate the value of content strategies and their development.

What You’ll Learn

  • What's happening to traditional media today - how to survive the ever-changing environment.
  • Opportunities that exist for publishers and corporations in the media world.
  • The value of developing content strategies.

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Ad Sales Track

Audience Development Track

Design Track

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