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The 2012 MMPA Summit and Expo

Be sure you and your team set aside Thursday April 26 to attend the Midwest’s premier publishing conference: the MMPA Summit and Expo at the Earle Brown Conference and Event Center.

This immersive one-day conference is a must for professionals across key the silos of editorial, design, advertising, and audience development. The session curriculums are designed with a keen focus on the rapidly-changing media ecosystems we live in and offer expert advice on thriving in them.

With constantly changing digital communications tools that offer tremendous opportunities and challenges to current business models, the MMPA Summit and Expo brings together experts, resources, and partners that assist publishers, editors, writers, account executives, and audience development gurus on excelling within the enterprise.

As a special holiday surprise, here is a sneak peek at the advertising track:

We are delighted to announce that Leslie Laredo, president of the Laredo Group of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Laredo Group is a leading training and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients increase sales and decrease costs through knowledge and efficiencies related to online advertising buying and selling, search engine marketing, and site optimization. If you are an integrated sales professional you will not want to miss this rare opportunity to work with one of the nation’s foremost experts on the subject.

Watch for session spotlights appearing in upcoming editions of FinePrint.

Leslie Laredo