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FinePrint Adds Digital Editions

Excellence Awards winners will be showcased throughout 2012!

Want to know more about the winners and the secrets to how they created the award-winning copy or designs you saw at the Excellence Awards? We thought so.

Coming in January we’ll start revealing those secrets from the magazines that garnered top honors at the MMPA 15th Annual Excellence Awards. Our new digital edition is only available to subscribers of FinePrint, MMPA’s newsletter. Pass the word at your office, or better yet, pass on this link ( and sign up to receive the newsletter so you can access the new digital edition that will be chock full of information from award winners.

MMPA is partnering with Nxtbook media to bring this idea into fruition. “We’re very excited not only to give MMPA members greater insight into the background of how to produce award-winning content, we’re very excited to produce it in a digitally optimized format,” says Sherry Collins, MMPA board member. “Digital editions are just another way magazines are reaching their readers. As the association for Minnesota magazines and publishing, this is a natural fit for our audience. We’re looking forward to working with Nxtbook to showcase the possibilities for our members.”

Make sure to sign up to receive FinePrint and look for links to the first digital edition in January.