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Hough Honored with Carey Award

Kelley Suggs, CHES, freelance writer

MMPA achievements typically include her thumbprint.

“Everyone can do one thing,” remarked Aileen Hough, MMPA board member and CSC Publishing circulation manager, driving home the importance of grassroots volunteerism in accepting MMPA’s Greg Carey Leadership Award.

Greg Carey was a man known for dedication, leadership and lifting the MMPA to new heights. Hough is known for her relentless commitment, tireless sense of detail, tenacity, and thankless hours of stewardship that help the MMPA continue to grow and thrive as a healthy organization.

Hough has worked independently and thanklessly behind the scenes, all the while striving to incorporate and include new and existing members. Aileen is active as a board member, building relationships with sponsors and pulling in new ones. She worked as part of the four-person team that completed the website build in 2010 and was part of the database initiative. Aileen is an at large member of the communications committee and contributes to FinePrint. By her sheer charm, she has consistently increased attendance at circulation roundtables and education events.

Kathryn Forss, board president, couldn’t think of a more deserving recipient than Hough. “Aileen is unbelievably deserving, always volunteering, always a board or committee member, knows everything, knows everyone, and she is absolutely the top of the top. I am really pleased for MMPA to have Aileen, as well as for Aileen to win the award.”

When Hough compares her own background in trade magazines, featuring articles on yield and photographs featuring machinery, she doesn’t feel the celebrity that other magazines might feel and other MMPA members heap upon her. She uses her own feelings to encourage others to volunteer and bring what they can to the table. As Hough said in accepting the award, “One person isn’t going to make or break the association. So many have so much to offer but may be afraid to step forward; but there isn’t one person who is going to make or break our association. If everyone just wrote one small piece or took one small task, it would make such a huge difference. I think people just forget that.”

Please take a moment to climb into the trenches with Hough and share congratulations…but fair warning; you may be convinced to volunteer!


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