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2012 Magazine of the Year: Twin Cities Business

by Sherry Shifflet, Swirlwind Media; photo by Kelsy Houle

Publisher redirects credit to staff in accepting 2012 award.

Twin Cities Business (TCB) publisher Shelly Elmore accepted MMPA’s 2012 Magazine of the Year award on behalf of the entire magazine staff and, at one point, had them all stand to be recognized by the crowd. “This award really goes to them,” Elmore said. “Not a day goes by that I’m not wowed by their talents or by their dedication to what our mission is and what our vision is.”

MMPA’s Magazine of the Year award is not bestowed by a committee; it’s earned. A point system tallies awards from the inception of the MMPA’s Excellence Awards, sixteen years ago, to determine the winner. Every time a magazine earns an MMPA award, it’s assigned one point for a bronze award, two points for a silver and three for a gold. The magazine that accumulates the greatest number of total points is awarded Magazine of the Year at the annual awards celebration. Once a magazine has won the award, their points total drops to zero and they start the process of earning points again the following year.

“This award is about consistency in excellence,” Elmore said. “I see it every day. Our team proves that every day. For a business magazine that produces such an extraordinary product, I take none of the credit.”

Elmore, who joined TCB in 2001, commented in her acceptance of the award, “These awards are really an example of how we as print vehicles have been able to keep our readers engaged. We engage our readers better than any other media. Print is not dead. We are still here. We are going to do better than we have done in the last few years. We are still going to be leaders. We have to provide our content in many different ways, but we are the backbone of the original.”

TCB edged out four other contenders for the top slot. Other finalists were Experience Life, Lake Superior Magazine, Midwest Home, and TCB’s sister publication, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.

The 2011 Magazine of the Year was EXHIBITOR magazine. Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR presented the 2012 award and passed on the mantle with the following advice: “Whoever wins, my advice would be—whether you choose to fly a giant banner on your building or not: Make sure you celebrate it somehow. Don’t just put this in a trophy case and let it get dusty and forget about it until next year. Take some time to pat yourself on the back; celebrate your success because it really is a big achievement.”  Stanton’s company literally flew the flag of being MMPA’s 2011 Magazine of the Year by hanging a 10- by 32-foot banner from the side of their building.

When asked if she had any idea what her company would do to celebrate. Elmore quipped, “We’ll go to Disneyland— I don’t know, probably not Disneyland; but we will continue to shout it from the rooftops for the next year.”