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MMPA Education Series Events

Opportunities to stay on the cutting edge.

Teamwork Builds Great Magazine Covers


8:30 to 10 a.m., Tuesday, May 24


Room S-254, Midway-Griggs Building, 1821 University Avenue West, St. Paul; follow signs in the building.


Light-rail construction is currently taking place directly in front of the building on University Avenue; please allow a few extra minutes to get there.

Panel discussion offers three viewpoints on cover function and design: editor, designer, and marketing pro. Gain the individually unique insights of panelists that have contributed to design and delivery of successful magazine covers. John Prusad (editorial), Randy Kepner (art and production), and Jack Schabel (circulation) of Affinity Media discuss the collaborative effort that goes into the design and presentation of successful covers.

Digital Education Series: The QR Explosion


8:30 to 10 a.m., Tuesday June 21



Join Lisa Foote, founder of, and Kevin Dunn, vice president of digital media at MSP Communications in a wide-ranging discussion on QR codes and their growing ubiquity in print media. The conversation includes the explosive growth of the technique, and associated usage, analytics, lead generation, mobile optimized landing pages, case studies, and more. Lisa and Kevin explain how QR codes can easily integrate into your global marketing strategy, editorial content, and alternate channels.

Digital Education Series: Moving About with Mobile Technologies


8:30 to 10 a.m., Tuesday, July 19th, 2011


North American Media Group 12301 Whitewater Drive, Conference Room 1 Minnetonka MN 55343

The spotlight is on…and the iPad is at center stage. Editors, website designers, art directors, writers, advertisers—everybody wants to to know where this exciting new content platform is headed. And what about iPhones, Droids, and any of the other 20-plus competitors for the same market? This is your chance to ask a couple practitioners on the front lines what they’re working on, where they see their work heading, and what they see in their ever-changing crystal balls.

Moderator: Charles Goodman, account executive, Plaudit Design

Speaker: Michael Graves, vice president of Internet technology and web marketing at North American Media Group