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Education Series Predicts Next Steps in Web Evolution


Ivan Stegic of TenSeven Interactive certainly has a handle on the state of the internet, in all its mobile iterations.

He presented an instructive overview of the internet’s development and current nature of it’s use for business, in particular, publishing communications. His main point identified four major replies to what’s next for the web:

Next is Open: Open standards -- everybody can talk to everybody else -- should not be one company controlling all of these thing (examples: App store, or browser).

Next is User: User is King, content must be queen.

Next is Everywhere: You have to produce content and put it in all the places where your customers want to consume it.

Next is Global: Publishers can no longer assume that it is safe to produce for just this country. Everybody, everywhere should be able to receive your message in their language and on their chosen device.

My personal takeaway, from a small publisher's perspective, is that the safe way to effectively choose what web/mobile platform(s) to develop is best determined by surveying your advertisers and audience for feedback on their preferred platform(s). Cheap insurance before making a sizable investment in time and money.